Aaron Eckhart To Play CIA Agent In ‘The Expatriate’ … SLASH FILM

The moral of recent CIA movies like Fair Game and Red is that leaving the agency is never a good thing. That’s what Aaron Eckhart will soon learn in Erased, a thriller he just signed to star in directed by Philipp Stolzl (a music video director whose last feature was the 2008 film North Face) from a script by by A.E. Amel. Eckhart plays an ex-CIA agent who leaves the spy game to rebuild a relationship with his 15-year-old daughter. He takes a job as a security expert at a corporation only to find out the whole place is a front in order to kill him. So father and daughter go on the run, putting their shaky relationship back on the rocks. Think The Professional meets Red with a little To Kill a Mockingbird sprinkled across.

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