Aaron Eckhart Will Play An Ex-CIA Agent In ‘The Expatriate’ … INDIEWIRE

AFM week means tons and tons of news. Let’s get to it. Aaron Eckhart, who’s proved his chops in big mainstream tentpoles like “The Dark Knight,” plus his true thespian powers in the upcoming “Rabbit Hole,” is set to star in the drama, “Erased.”

The actor, who looks like he’ll prove his leading-man action mettle in next March’s “Battle: Los Angeles” (clips we’ve seen look surprisingly strong), will play an ex-CIA Agent in the film directed by German filmmaker Philipp Stölzl, known for the suspenseful adventure Alps film, “North Face,” and helming videos by Madonna, Evanescence, Garbage, Faith No More and Rammsteien to name just a few.

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