What We Do

Informant Media develops, produces, finances and arranges distribution of films, primarily in a budget range of $5 million to $40 million across a variety of genres including action, romantic comedy, thriller, science-fiction, drama, comedy and horror. Informant capitalizes on the expertise and industry experience of its partners and associates to source projects, financing and distribution.

Informant’s inaugural production was the 2010 award-winning film CRAZY HEART released through Fox Searchlight. The film grossed $39 million at the domestic box office. Including international theatrical markets, it grossed more than $47 million. DVD, Pay TV and other ancillaries were equally strong. The budget was $8 million.

CRAZY HEART was nominated for three Academy Awards® and earned Jeff Bridges an Academy Award® and Golden Globe® for Best Actor. The seminal song “The Weary Kind,” won an Academy Award® and Golden Globe® for Best Original Song. Maggie Gyllenhaal was nominated for an Academy Award® for Best Supporting Actress. The film also won the coveted Independent Spirit Award® for Best First Feature.

At the time of its release, CRAZY HEART became one of Fox Searchlight’s Top Ten grossing films of all time.


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