Critical Acclaim

Critical acclaim for the Oscar-winning Film, which received 100% favorable reviews from top critics (as reported by Rotten Tomatoes):

“Crazy Heart is the real deal. It’s a beautifully told story by first time writer-director Scott Cooper, made even better by a terrific performance by Jeff Bridges.” (Los Angeles Times)

“A performance by Jeff Bridges which could be his best…Bridges is sensational as Bad Blake.”” (Kirk Honeycutt, Hollywood Reporter)

“All others are mere planets revolving around Bridges’ sun, and everything this seasoned pro does implicitly rings entirely, beautifully true — the self-awareness of his own sorry state, the disgust with his slovenliness, the inner core of pride hidden behind the fat and dirt and sloth, the drive that still pushes him to journey hundreds of miles a day to play a gig or see Jean, and the kid-like enthusiasm sparked by the prospect of a new relationship and fresh start. Ever-youthful in his looks and energy, Bridges now stands as one of Hollywood’s great old pros, incapable of making a false move.” (Todd McCarthy, Variety)

“Unstoppable? This year’s ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ could very well be ‘Crazy Heart’…” (The Envelope, Los Angeles Times)

“This show belongs to Bridges, who starts off as a magnificent train wreck and then takes a journey with the character.” (Mick LaSalle. San Francisco Chronicle)

“Bridges playing the perennially soused is, once again, spectacularly award-worthy.” (Mary F. Pols, TIME Magazine)

“It’s one of the year’s best, most deeply felt films.” (Kyle Smith, New York Post)

“Jeff Bridges’ portrayal of broken-down, liquored-up country singer Bad Blake may be the best of his career, and that’s saying something.” (Bill Goodykoontz, Arizona Republic)

“A richly-realized, deeply-heartfelt character study in the vein of Tender Mercies and Bound for Glory, this sterling directing debut by actor Scott Cooper looks perfectly pitched to finally win Jeff Bridges his very long overdue Best Actor Academy Award. Despite the mostly rural setting and country music theme, broad demographic appeal and positive critical reception should give the picture long awards season legs… In a career that boasts no shortage of remarkable performances, Bridges’ Blake is a standout…Cooper emerges here as a filmmaker of exceptional talent. His adaptation of Thomas Cobb’s novel is as elegant and nuanced as any in recent memory, and his staging of an already talented cast is bracingly naturalistic. Technical contributions are uniformly superlative: Barry Markowitz’ poetic, pastoral photography of the American southwest; John Axelrad’s temperate, deliberate editing; impeccable art direction from production designer Waldemar Kalinowski and pitch perfect music from no less than T Bone Burnett.” (Wade Major, Boxoffice Magazine)

“Bridges is phenomenal.” (David Ansen, NEWSWEEK)

“Jeff Bridges is one of the all-time hall-of-fame no-debate greats…He slips on the character of Bad Blake, a country music singer limping through a dog’s ass of a career, old and bloated and perpetually drunk, like it’s a worn denim jacket, something familiar, something shaped just like him…. “Crazy Heart” is quiet, gentle, heart-bruised more than heart-broken, and the best thing about it is the way it lingers in the memory after you’ve seen it, like a song you can’t get out of your head.” (Drew McWeeny, HitFix)

“Extraordinary.” (David Denby, The New Yorker)

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