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SCREEN SPOTLIGHT FEATURED REVIEWS: The Expatriate with Aaron Eckhart and Liana Liberato | Informant Media


SCREEN SPOTLIGHT FEATURED REVIEWS: The Expatriate with Aaron Eckhart and Liana Liberato

Eckhart’s character is a former CIA agent that has transferred to Belgium in order to work for an espionage invention corporation specializing in security mechanisms. He works between Brussels and Antwerp and speaks five languages. Having been trained as a deadly assassin by the specialists at Langley, the former agent is perfect for his new job. Just days after his daughter (portrayed by Liana Liberato) has moved to Belgium after her mother’s death, all hell breaks loose at Eckhart’s workplace.

As it turns out, Eckhart’s employers are a shell company that has been ingeniously imitating a major European manufacturer. When the employees outlive their usefulness, the brains behind the operation decide to terminate them with deadly prejudice. Eckhart narrowly escapes with his daughter and they are forced to go on the run. His prior training in evasion and survival techniques helps them find temporary safety, but a major obstacle to their survival emerges. The agent’s former lover and colleague at CIA headquarters (Olga Kurylenko) has been colluding with the technology corporation’s conspirators. Having discovered Eckhart’s awareness of the situation, she is retained to capture or kill him at any cost.

The competing plotline of Erased is the father-daughter relationship that is developing between Eckhart and Liberator’s characters. When their lives become chaotic she is unsure as to whether or not she can trust her formerly absentee dad. He wants to protect her, but needs to earn her trust to gain her full cooperation. Their family dynamic is strained at best and dismembered at worst. If they are to survive despite being repeatedly hunted like animals, they will have to learn to trust one another utterly.

Erased is a fantastic movie. It is as exciting as it is interesting. Aaron Eckhart’s talent meshes beautifully with the hurried pace orchestrated by international director Philipp Stölzl. Moreover, the leading man has considerable chemistry with the up-and-comer Liana Liberato. They make a formidable and credible father-daughter pairing. If you are in the mood for an international thriller that delivers on two fronts; the intellectual playing field and the broken family dynamic, look no further than this unexpectedly terrific film, Erased.

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